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Maggie May 

Maggie May is both beautiful and smart - Maggie passed her therapy dog tests on her first try. She is incredibly sweet - no surprise for a chocolate lab! (Get it? Sweet…Chocolate…). OK moving on…Maggie May enjoys chasing squirrels, couch surfing, drinking from the toilet and a wide variety of chewing activities. 
Certification: AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog.  


Delbert was named after Texas blues legend Delbert McClinton.

Delbert also passed his therapy dog test on his first try.

He enjoys rassling’ with Maggie, belly rubs, blues music and sniffing almost everything.

Certification: AKC Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog


Dave (Human Being)

Dave earned his M.S. in Occupational Therapy from UIC in 1997 and has been working in Special Education for over 25+ years. Dave founded in 2016 with the intent of integrating both Occupational Therapy and Animal Assisted Therapy in the public schools.

Prior to becoming an O.T., Dave owned Countryside Animal Spa a full-service boarding, breeding, grooming and training kennel in Mundelein, IL. In the 1980’s he trained dogs in Chicago for Ludwig Gessner - a founding member of the US Army Canine Corps.



Rainbow Bridge Therapy Dept. 






I’ve loved all my dogs over the years, but Gibson will always hold a special place in my heart. Everyone should be lucky enough to be loved like Gibson loved me. I miss him immensely…Gibson’s Funk Wear was named in his memory.

Missing Gibson

I miss how patient and loving he was with our special ed. students when they’d pull his hair, bop his nose or use him as a pillow. 

I miss how gently he took dog treats from my hand.

I miss his big jowls, giant tongue and slobbery kisses.

I miss how he had that peppy bounce in his step and kind of “strutted” down the hallways. 

I miss him resting his big head on the fireplace and thinking – how can that possibly be comfortable?

I miss how he absolutely trampled the yellow flowers in the yard but left the orange ones alone.

I miss his tiny “chicklet” front teeth, which seemed so out of place in his big St. Bernard mouth.

I miss how his whole face jiggled when he ran.

I miss the students asking “does he have eyes?” because of his big head, or “is he sleeping?” when he laid down and snored (loudly) with his deep breathing.

I miss how he was so cooperative taking baths, even though the tub was too small for him.

I miss him always following right behind me when I did yardwork.

I miss him allowing Riley (our 13 y/o Labrador) to go up the stairs first because she was older and slower.

I miss him waiting up for me in the laundry room when I got home late from hockey.

I miss seeing his big fuzzy head sticking out the window in the side mirror on car rides.

I miss the student’s laughter when I stretched out his big ears and made him look like Dumbo.

I miss finding his slobber in creative places in the house.

I miss his head covered in snow when he went under a snowy tree in winter.

I miss him sprawling out and taking up most of our king size bed.

I miss his beautiful brown eyes and the way he looked at me.

I miss giving him tummy rubs (his absolute favorite).

Mostly, I’ll just miss how happy he was coming to school with me and how much he loved EVERYBODY. 

Gibson had a wonderful life and brought joy to many. 

I miss him every single day.

RIP big boy. ❤️ Gibson.

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