Gibson’s Funk Wear Tie-Dye Shirts

The Gibson’s Funk Wear Story

A while back we had a bunch of different tie dye shirts made up featuring one of our St. Bernard therapy dogs “Gibson”. Gibson was 185 pounds of love, slobber and unlimited affection! We gave the unique tie dye shirts out to friends, family and many others who had helped us during our therapy dog visits at various schools.

The Gibson shirts were VERY well received, so we thought perhaps other dog lovers might enjoy wearing a Gibson’s Funk Wear shirt. All shirts are 100% cotton, gluten free and use environmentally safe Procion dyes. Look good and support a great cause – a perfect win/win situation.

 ALL profits (yes, every single penny) from Gibson’s Funk Wear will be donated towards vet bills, licenses/registrations, pet food, treats, insurance, training, treats and supplies for (from ’20-’21 through ’23-’24 our operating expenses have averaged over $15,000 per year).  

We hope your Gibson’s Funk Wear shirt makes you smile - that’s the reaction most folks had when meeting Gibson.